Ocean Pump Turbine (OPT)
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Ocean Pump Turbine (OPT)

The challenge

Our generation faces a great challenge: shifting to greener energy on a large scale. Green energy solutions like wind and solar energy are well known. Ocean energy is not being harvested nearly as much. More than 70% of the surface of Earth is covered by the ocean which provides us with an abundant energy source. Our challenge is how we can fully harvest this energy source in a sustainable way.

The solution

The proposed solution is a combination of two existing machines. The first is a water pump, which via linear movement pumps water from the ground (in this case the ocean) using a double valve system. The second machine is a water turbine that will be rotated by the pumped ocean water and be used to power a generator. The optimization of the combined new machine would provide a new and additional way of harvesting energy from the ocean.


Harvesting energy from the ocean using an OPT. OPT-ing for a greener future.

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