the Conditions of Entry

Overall rules


An individual cannot apply with more than one team.


A team cannot apply multiple times with the same project (one team, one project, one time). If the team participated in the Ideation Category last year, they can apply for the Advanced Category, but cannot participate in the Ideation Category again.


Teams that have a notable user base or revenue are ineligible for the competition.


Teams that apply for Advanced and do not get selected are automatically considered for the Ideation Category (unless they participated last year).


At least one team member must be a current TU Delft student or a very recent graduate (graduated in this academic year).


Participation is free of charge.


The final placement of projects in categories will be done by the TU Delft Impact Contest organisation.

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Ideation Award

Do you have a cool business idea, a solution for a contemporary or future problem or perhaps a vision that you want to make more concrete? Work on your value proposition and make the next step to a business model canvas or a prototype and compete for the Ideation Award!

Requirements (at least 1 of the options below):

> Sketch
> 3D model
> Calculation
> Photo or other imagery
> Idea description

Advanced Award

Are you already beyond the ideation phase and do you possess or working on a prototype, scale model or a business model and ready to take the next step to a Minimal Viable Product and a complete business plan? Then you can compete for the Advanced Award!

Requirements (at least 1 of the options below):

> Prototype
> Scale model
> Business Model Canvas
> Business plan
> Customer Validation
> Chamber of Commerce registration

Having one or more of the conditions does not guarantee you access to the Advanced category. Your application will be assessed in its entirety.



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