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I am looking for an IT professional who has good practice with modern coding languages, building and developing applications. Please have look at the problem statement to get more info on the work.

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The challenge

1. Let’s say you want to practice the sports you love on weekend but unfortunately, you don’t have anyone to play with. Let’s say if you found a random partner on whatsapp. But then you found out that the courts are already booked. Let’s say somehow you found a court. But then you found out that the partner you found on whatsapp, has never played this game before. Hence, after this much hustle, you wasted your weekend time and ended-up being a coach to your partner. 2. Let’s say you want to host a tournament of 20 people on weekend. You have made a group on whatsapp and asked everyone to join. Then you used excel to organize different teams of the tournament. Then, you sat down with a pen and paper to create the scheduling of the tournament. After this much hard work, you found out that someone dropped off the tournament. Now, you are dealing with the same mess again.

The solution

1. We want to develop a platform that not only allows you to organize tournaments but also it allows you to schedule them with many flexibilities. 2. Every sport enthusiastic can make an account on the platform, through which he or she can find a suitable opponent to practice for the game he/she loves. AND this is just the tip of the iceberg.


A one-stop solution for sport fanatic to participate in or host sports.

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Tel: +31 (0)6 1869 5975 (WhatsApp)

TU Delft Campus

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