Why you should join the TU Delft Impact Contest 2022

Publish date: 2022-02-03

The upcoming TU Delft Impact Contest offers TU Delft students a platform to develop innovative, entrepreneurial ideas or prototypes that make impact. Do you want to know why you should join this years edition? The previous winners will tell you why:

Siemen Brinksma, founder of Biosphere Solar: “Participating in the TU Delft Impact Contest 2021 brought us from a team with a startup idea, to a team with a startup, and a clear path to market. The best thing about the contest is the interaction with so many leading industry players. Their feedback is what helped us to make our dream reality, and I would recommend anyone with an ambitious idea to join the contest.”

Sjors Temmerman, co-founder of Coapath: “What a wonderful time we've had at the Dutch Trade Mission to Helsinki this month, part of the award we won in the TU Delft Impact Contest 2021. We learned a lot during the pitching and interviews at the 4TU finals and are proud to be awarded as the best pitch. We were inspired by all the other startups and made a lot of new business contacts. If you want to bring attention to your start-up on a global level and learn from investors and professionals you should definitely compete in the contest!”

Wout Haakman, co-founder of Sourcer:“The TU Delft Impact Contest was transformative for the progress and direction of our startup. Many valuable workshops and mentoring sessions helped us along the way. We were awarded the 4TU Wildcard and the Audience Award in the finals. These gave us the validation to continue growing and provided us with many connections and more pitching opportunities, such as the 4TU Impact Challenge at Slush in Helsinki. This contest is the best way for students to go from idea to startup and is a great learning platform.”

Apoorva Arora, co-founder of Dione: “Our journey in the TU Delft Impact Contest was full of learnings, opportunities and a lot of fun. We went from an idea to a sharp business plan with the help of industry mentors. Winning the ASML Makers Award reassured us about our plan and gave us a lot of confidence to move ahead. If you have an idea that can make a difference then the contest is a great opportunity to take the first flight!”

Aleksander Fiuk, co-founder of Revolv Space: “The TU Delft Impact Contest was a great learning experience for us. Coming from a technical background, our business knowledge was scarce and the contest not only gave us the skills and confidence to develop the non-technical aspects of the project, but also pushed us to do it! The contest will help you transform your idea from a student project into an early-stage business. Apart from this amazing opportunity to learn by doing, you will also compete for a prize, which for us was the means to get our vision out there!” 

Are you getting excited by their experience? Join the TU Delft Impact Contest and start your entrepreneurial journey here!

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