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Biosphere Solar

The challenge

The solar industry is linear, and it is grand time we overcome this backwards mindset. The large (growing) amount of waste that exits this industry is one which we cannot leave future generations to deal with. Bringing circularity to the solar industry would mean the transitioning to a reuse and repair mindset. Additionally, the globalised world we live in has caused great transgressions of human rights; the solar industry is no exception to this. It is this challenge of circular and fair solar that Biosphere Solar aims to tackle.

The solution

We are developing a fair and circular solar panel. This is a solar panel that can be recycled at high value, repaired or upgraded at its end-of-life. Furthermore, we avoid human rights violations in the supply chain. Our solar panel will be open-source, which means anyone can replicate the product and improve it, so long as they share their improvements with the community. The same is true for the production method. This way, we aim to make truly sustainable energy a reality, set up a global community of innovation and production, and bring disruptive change to the solar industry.


Bringing circularity and a fair panel to the solar industry

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