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The challenge

The inner city streets are becoming increasingly more crowded with transport vehicles due to the fast growth of upcoming markets specializing in package deliveries. The trend of home delivery has, without a doubt, become more popular, especially with the pandemic. With the convenience of home delivery and this shift in consumer taste, it presents challenges for sustainable development. The carbon dioxide emissions are directly correlated with increases in delivery; electric solutions may solve the sustainable development issue, but not that of overcrowded streets nor is it a feasible solution for many up and coming home delivery businesses. These are only conventional treatments for the symptoms of the problem; an unconventional solution must be devised.

The solution

An unconventional solution would be to relocate the movement of packages down underground. Where a simple underground tube system is implemented, using autonomous, state-of-the-art delivery pods, run by an artificially intelligent algorithm such as a hive brain. These pods would send the packages to their respective destinations. This redesign of infrastructure caters to all stakeholders from the end consumer to delivery business as well as whole cities given the fact that vehicles would be unnecessary. This will ease the infrastructure and reduce emissions resulting in a healthier living environment and at the same time satisfy growing future delivery demands.


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