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Hubert Bratek
Niklas Biermann
Mateusz Bratek
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The challenge

Physical retail stores are seeing a disruption in sales created by the surge of e-commerce. Shoppers are showing increasing interest in buying online in comparison to visiting physical stores. Physical stores are decreasingly appealing to shoppers as they offer no interactivity, no engagement with shoppers and are highly more time-consuming to visit in comparison with online shops. With the rise of in-store Covid-19 health concerns, consumers have increased fears about physically touching products and expect retailers to offer an AR experience when it comes to shopping. However, many brands are struggling on how to transition to more virtual and interactive contents.

The solution

mappable strives to provide an application for AR-supported indoor navigation in retail stores. AR offers the potential to design a rich and immersive environment that is able to deliver a high-impact and memorable experience and engage audiences and potential consumers anytime and anywhere to create a long-term connection between shopper and retailer. Gamification elements incentivise the shopper to add further products to the basket that go along with already selected items. The generated user data from shopper flow, heat mapping, and route mapping can be used to strategically boost retailer sales.


The mission of mappable is to provide every European citizen with the opportunity to have an efficient while memorable shopping experience at their supermarket of choice.

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