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Smart Bra

The challenge

Approximately one in seven women will deal with breast cancer in her lifetime. This makes the prevalence of breast cancer the highest in the Netherlands. Currently a mammogram is a painful procedure and a poor monitoring system, this can be changed through this idea. Through the customized smart bra, it will be possible to gather medical data for prevention. The smart-bra will be able to detect breast cancer in an early stage so that the number of victims can be reduced. My mission is to make a bra not only functional but also lifesaving.

The solution

My goal is to design a bra which supports women both physically and in their health. Sensors, smart fabrics and technologies such as artificial Intelligence and machine learning will turn an everyday bra into a lifesaver, with data available when the wearer needs it the most. With this technology, she can act on signals that there might be an issue with her health. It will not only support her body, but also helps her to know her body and monitor her own health through advanced software.


Bringing women's health care into the 21st century.

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