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The challenge

Asthma is a widely prevalent disease which affects the lungs of the patient. There is a wide range of devices available to inhale asthma medication from. According to global asthma guidelines, the preferred method of inhalation is through a MDI (classic inhaler) with a spacer chamber due to it’s relative ease of use and efficiency compared to other devices. However, this type of device is the least used, especially in public, mostly due to an association of shame, at the cost of wasted medication and personal health due to not receiving the correct amount of medication.

The solution

The solution is a device which visually resembles a drinking bottle; aside from a liquid container, the device can also contain an MDI and spacer chamber. The user can drink or inhale from the device at will. From an outside perspective it will always look like the user is drinking from a bottle, eliminating the aspect of shame associated with being seen using an inhaler device.


Comformedi aims to bring comfort back into healthcare products; even though many healthcare products work on a functional level, a significant amount of patients do not feel comfortable with using these.

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